MAKE-ROOM on Broad Lane: The Living Archive

The Living Archive is a visual mapping and information gathering project based in Tottenham Green that occupied a former Caribbean food takeaway on Broad Lane from October 2013 to March 2014. TheLivingArchive

The Living Archive began the process of collecting visual and other information on a range of aspects of the local area. The aim was to capture, highlight and share some of the area’s physical, cultural and social characteristics in order to highlight and celebrate local residents, businesses and organisations and identify topics for future arts projects.

Make-Room worked with a range of individuals and groups to collect material and invited contributions from local people. The temporary project site at 63 Broad Lane was a starting point for further research and the project is deliberately open ended.

Interior of The Living Archive


Working with students from Park View School, West Green Road.
Over the last few months we have been working with a group of Year 11 Art and Design students and their teacher, artist Alexander Costello, from Park View School. We arranged access and hosted a one day drawing workshop at Tottenham Town Hall and Holy Trinity Church in Tottenham Green. The students made a range of sketches and took photographs which they used as a basis for their mock GSCE exam pieces. We had large scale prints made of their work and exhibited it at the Living Archive.

Exhibition of work by Yr11 Art students from Park View School. 12th December 2013.

Cllr Alan Strickland attended the opening night of the Park View exhibition along with students, parents and teachers. 12th December 2013.

Park View students’ photos of the interior of Tottenham Town Hall.


Sadia’s Tea Party
On Saturday 30th November 2013, Artist Sadia Ur-Rehman hosted a Tottenham inspired tea party at the Living Archive. Eight local residents came along and shared memories, facts and stories about the area while taking part in Sadia’s Tottenham themed parlour games. Sadia decorated the space with bunting and brightly coloured tableware and Jenni even made some delicious Tottenham cake. See more photos from the day and find out more about Sadia’s Tea Parties here.




Living Archive Launch Night
Our launch night on 7th November 2013 was a great success! Interior students from the CASS department at London Metropolitan University helped get things ready on the day and showed their exploratory work and films about the local area on the night. Another student from the CASS studying Architecture, Alexander Sarafian, shared his ‘Tottenham Cake’ project with us. Many local residents, community leaders and Council members turned out in support and enjoyed the delicious Pale Ale supplied by Redemption Brewery. Many thanks to all those who came along.



Working with Interior students from the CASS.
Interior students from the CASS department at London Metropolitan University first visited us at 63 Broad Lane back in October 2013 when we had just taken over the empty unit. They used the site as a base for their first project to make a short film about the local area. The students returned to have a crit in the space before showing their final films at the launch night on 7th November 2011. View their completed films here.
First visit to 63 Broad Lane by the CASS students.

CASS student crit at The Living Archive.


63 Broad Lane before we moved in.