Make-Room with Tim Etchells

In collaboration with Duggan Morris Architects.


MAKE-ROOM with Tim Etchells was a temporary installation occupying the third floor window of a building under construction in Shoreditch, East London in September 2013. The work occupied a large third floor window and was visible 24 hours a day from the street and surrounding buildings. The project evolved from the desire to appropriate a space in transition and to create a dialogue between the new building and the public during its construction.

Infiltrating galleries, street corners, shop windows, rooftops and other locations with his sign-works, artist, performance maker and writer Tim Etchells spells out simple-but-intriguing phrases, messages and instructions in neon and LED. Appearing to address the viewer directly in these sign-works, Etchells creates awkward moments of intimacy and encounter in a public setting. Each work implicates the viewer in an incomplete question, narrative or instruction – drawing us into a story we can’t refuse and which, at the same time, we can’t quite understand – creating a contradictory and perplexing no-man’s land between fiction and reality.

The site of the exhibition, 141 – 145 Curtain Road, is a 16,000sqft urban infill in the heart of Shoreditch, East London. Designed by Duggan Morris Architects, the building places a dynamic, sculptural form into a gap between two adjoining Victorian warehouse buildings.




Pictures © Jack Hobhouse